Google is the Only Search Engine

On June 9, 2012, in Computing, Software, by Anthony Lake

I’ve been asked to explain which is my favorite search engine, so I will use this post to explain that, barring any other parameters, there is only candidate: Google.

There are certain government backed credit reporting agencies such as Lexis Nexis who keep complete dossiers on each person in the United States, perhaps on Earth.  Perhaps in the case of human data-mining investigations, Lexis Nexis would be a more efficacious search. But not a free search. And it’s not a general purpose search.

There are very few other exceptions, for instance, we cannot apparently collect Wal-Mart transaction data from Google, or other proprietary or specialized data, but I would argue that even most of the specialized data is found more readily on Google than anywhere else. For instance, there are real estate database – but Google is still more encompassing, faster, and free.

All other spiders contain only a subset of the data Google has, which contains most of the data published to the web since 1998 or so. It is likely that Google has other data as well, such as newsgroup, BBS, and certain ftp listings floating around there somewhere.

Perhaps there is an argument for some that, given the same data-set, some other search engine produces more aesthetic results, such as Bing, which has been accused on more than one occasion of  simply using a refinement algorithm to process Google’s results.  This may or may not be true, but since I am not averse to writing a decent query for Google, I am sticking with the ocean from which all those rivers flow.

Google is the only contender for fast, free, and complete.


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